Reduced heating costs

Energy prices tend to increase, and there is no easy way to raise the growing concern about climate change. In cold Finland this means continuous growth in heating costs, but fortunately we can influence this.

The most effective way to reduce heating costs is to reduce the amount of energy purchased. In apartment buildings, it is best achieved with extracted air heat recovery (PILP) and geothermal heat (MLP). First we reduce the amount of waste heat from the extracted air. Concurrently we utilize the heat of the soil again. When done in the right way, with intelligent automation and overall management, the heating costs can be halved.

This is why Smart Heating Oy was established.









Total Delivery and Liability

When the provider of the hybrid heating system knows what he is doing and trusts himself he can guarantee the customer efficient energy. This guarantee is based on functional references in which the hybrid system's performance is accurately measured.

Smart Heating Oy's guarantee is a promise as to the functionality of the hybrid heating system. The output and efficiency of the heat recovery of the extracted air and the geothermal energy are recorded in the works contract with a separate guarantee clause guaranteeing the customer a genuine and safe investment.

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Peak Power Optimization

The power fee for district heating is usually determined by the measured peak power (kW). However, the real need for district heating of the property is usually lower than the instant peak power on which the power charge is based. In other words, the district heating power often runs for a while too high, which unnecessarily increases the power charges. There is now a solution that will benefit both the district heating customer and the provider.

Smart Heating Optipower is a device that monitors and optimizes the peak power of district heating. In practice Optipower spreads out the consumption of district heating more evenly, considerably decreasing peak power spikes. The heating energy and the comfort of living are not affected, but the savings are generated by the reduced power charge. The district heating network also benefits from this smoothing effect of peak power. The appliance is suitable for district heating properties using any kind of thermostat.

OptiPower's savings potential is usually 10-20% of the district heating base charge.

Current News

Customer Experience video – As. Oy. Näsipuisto, Tampere

We released a new customer experience video.


Smart Heating Oy patent published

Patent and Registration Office has released our patented OptiPower product today 31.5.2018 in their most resent magazine.